GRAB BACK: Feminist Incubator Space is an impromptu series of short-term residencies, happenings, conversations, performances, and public discourses focusing on the empowerment and freedom of women. Prompted by mainstream attention to what has become an normalized climate of hyper-misogyny, rape culture, and dehumanization of women and women of color, GRAB BACK is a means of cultivating productive and critical intersectional dialogue and is a response to violence against humanity. The GRAB BACK: PES Feminist Incubator Space will continue through June 2017.

GRAB BACK: Feminist Incubator Space is the home to a Feminist Reading Lounge and an ongoing interactive project called the Pussy Polaroid Project. The Feminist Reading Lounge is a communal space within the gallery where the public is invited read and discuss feminist material. It will also be home to public workshops and programs throughout the duration of the GRAB BACK program.The Pussy Polaroid Project invites women to actively GRAB BACK against the patriarchy by sharing their image and voice in a collective effort. Polaroids of participating women will be added to an ever-growing wall of portraits in the gallery space and shared on Instagram with the moniker @pesgrabback.


GRAB BACK PES Feminist Incubator Space's Feminist Reading Lounge features books and literature pertaining to intersectional feminism and women’s empowerment. Visitors are encouraged to bring their favorite reading material to share with others as a way to not only share knowledge and perspective; but also, to prompt conversations. The Lounge will host topical discussions and workshops on pertinent issues ranging from the wage gap, to gender-based violence, to sex positivity. Click here for a cited list of all books currently in the Feminist Reading Lounge as well as downloadable PDFs.