Artist in Residence Alex Callender: Exploration by the Public
Tuesday, September 2011. 

Project for Empty Space, 181 Stanton St. NY

Artist in Residence Alex Callender’s current work focuses around dislocation, and the duality of absence and presence in ecosystems, as our present environmental crisis becomes more persistent and our ability to sustain the need of populations more fragile. Deer populations exist on the periphery of our expansion in this country and their habitation and population are often tethered to the ebb and flow of our development, expansion and industrialization dictating where and how they live and what they adapt to. This same precarity haunts many of the world’s inhabitants. Callender uses deer as agents that offer a narrative about change. Once, they where the occupants of this area, now us, and at point some in the future other entities will presume the main narrative in this given space.

2011 Interview with PES Artist in Residence Alex Callender by Lower East Side Girls Club