Etiquette For Lucid Dreaming (#E4LD)
October 11- December 21st, 2013
Project for Empty space x Solo(s) Project House
2 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ. 

Etiquette For Lucid Dreaming (#E4LD) is an exhibition that explores collective and individual levels of consciousness. A Defining Characteristic of humanity, regardless of one’s individualism is our various levels of cognitive awareness of intuitive thought. Though our ideas and actions may vary, at times opposing, we have a predisposed ability to formulate opinions and express these layers of our sub-conscious, be it through deliberate conversation or primal interaction. The exhibition aims to broach discourses around consciousness from many vantage points: it strives to be engaging as an intellectual and emotive experience.

Etiquette For Lucid Dreaming, a group exhibition is The Gateway II, in Newark, NJ, Pennsylvania Station is curated by Project For Empty Space, NYC, and Solo(s) Project House, NJ. The exhibition runs from Oct 11th to December 21st 2013. It will be open from 11am-6pm Tuesday-Friday.

Amelia V Panico, Alyssa Lawler, Alex Callender, Ariana Barat, Brian Leo, Bruno Miguel, Chloe Bass, David Antonio Cruz, Feng-Tsung Chan, Field Trip (Larry Dunn, Leonora Loeb, Pamela Matsuda-Dunn and Andy Monk), Kameelah Rasheed, Leila Lai, Hiroshi Kumagai, Igor + Yuri Alves, Jaret Vadera, Jennifer Wroblewski, Jeremy D Slater, Katerine Gomez, Kelly Anne Pinho, Krista Svalbonas, Marcy Cheveli, Milcah Bassel, Pooneh Maghazehe, Roshani Thakore, Petros Nagakos, Tehniyet Masood and Zoran Dragelj.