The Gateway Project presents: 
Gateway Concourse: EMERALD CITY
August 7 - October 2
Opening Reception:
August 7, 2014
6 pm - 9 pm

**In the Concourse**
CAKE, Ariel DeAndrea, Tehniyet Masood, Diviya Mehra,
Jaye Moon, Joseph Gerard Sabatino, Charlee Swanson, Kati Vilim and Joe Waks.

The concourse exhibition introduces materials in a way that reactivates the 1830’s industrial boom in Newark, NJ. Enterprising inventors flocked to the once metropolitan city to produce, as it was the epicenter of one of the nation's major industrial hubs. Raw materials such as leather, glass, iron, and plastic, were only a few of the many elements to produced during height of the cities prowess. However, like most industrial cities, Newark's economic ramp up seccumed to Newtonian physics, and that which went up came crashing down- permanently changing the socio-urbanscape. What is left from that era is a skeleton of the beauty and glamour that blanketed the city during the Industrialist era. From the mansions with their ornately carved jambs and porticos to the now empty factories, with carved marble and brick facades, standing as empty mausoleums to the elaborate and expansive beauty.

Work included in Emerald City will duly incorporate and embrace the materiality of industrial substances, which are typically used as internal frameworks. Artists will transform these substances that are most often associated with industrial fabrication into objects whose existence is substantiated by beauty over function. The purpose, ultimately, of this exhibition is to explore the often indiscernible difference and existence of appearance and reality- beauty and chaos- dystopia and utopia in the urban expanse.

This exhibition has been made possible by Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC), 2 Gateway Center owner C & K Properties, The Gateway Concourse Association and Standard Charter.