jc lenochan 2016 Artist in Residence Program Solo Exhibition: Raising a Riot

October 12- November 18, 2016: At its core, Raising a Riot is an exercise in institutional criticism; it is an active attempt at disrupting and reforming systemic inequities within pedagogical and educational structures. lenochan’s interdisciplinary approach combines ephemera, found objects, performance, assemblage, and installation, amongst other objects, to creates spaces which critique institutional structures.

 Through a combination of Socratic questioning and satire, this exhibition asserts a level of activism and critique on a collective social complacency. lenochan, who is also an educator, questions the infrastructures of the American educational system while addressing the systemic unjustness such as the divulgence of selective histories and race erasure within curricula.  The artist states, “I hope I don't ‘teach’ anyone anything but introduce multiple perspectives and allow space for students and the public to make decisions for themselves.”

 As part of the exhibition’s larger composition, lenochan incorporated numerous interactive programs to accompany the static work. One such program has been an ongoing workshop, which began during the artist’s time as a Project For Empty Space Artist In Residence, that brought together local Newark  high school students to create performances in response to the lack of the educational system. The culmination of their collective work will be presented on Sunday, October 23rd, at 3pm at the Project For Empty Space gallery.

Studio Visit with jc lenochan at Gateway Project Spaces