Katherine Toukhy makes installations, collages, and paintings born out of the deep knowledge that herstory is much greater than what has been (and is still) written as dominant history. She imagines the experiences and objects she creates as sites of exposing buried herstories of historical oppression and collective strength to release transformative potential. Her practice flows from the studio to gathering places of the diasporic community, where she crafts hands-on activities to collect writings and open up conversations about personal political loss and resilience. In her studio work making collage and installation, she sources from these collected writings, figuration, historical and current images of militarism, and patterning, to piece together poetic narratives of diaspora. The female body becomes fragmented but still very much alive, existing as- or in- a psycho-scape embedded with lush growth, destruction, debris, and most recently- layered words in Arabic and English. Toukhy works from the place of being a first-generation Egyptian in the U.S., from the Coptic diaspora, conscious of her position at the intersections of African, Arab, and American crossroads.