During her residency, Marilyn Gomez will continue to develop her project on the societal constructs regarding the manipulation of hair. Gomez relishes the transformative power of perception when everyday domestic objects and environments are imbued with psychological tension, inviting us to pair familiarity with the uncanny. Gomez sees art as a ubiquitous and porous platform upon which she challenges social norms regarding beauty, gender, race and psychology - a product of her dichotomous identity as a bicultural, bisexual and bipolar female of American and Colombian descent. Born in Cali, Colombia, Marilyn Gomez immigrated to New York City in 1991. She received her BA from Williams College (2006) and her MFA from School of Visual Arts (2016). She continues her interest in human behavior and interactions through sculptures, videos, and installations that challenge audiences to become immersed in dialogues about perception, multiculturalism and femininity