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African Lunch Featuring Afro Beats by The Happy Show

African Lunch
Hosted by PES & Richard Hart
Saturday, March 25, 2017
12 - 4pm

Join us this Saturday, 3/25 at Project for Empty Space (2 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ) for an afternoon of African food, music, and art! 

As part of Richard Hart's residency at Project for Empty Space, he is working on a community-based social sculpture project, inviting those who feel a connection to Africa to submit an object that embodies that connection. Interested parties are asked to bring items to PES. Anything with a connection – real or imagined – to Africa is acceptable – jewelry, trinkets, and souvenirs, clothes or textiles, books, photos, letters and postcards, CDs, audio cassettes, coins, sticks, stones,... anything! 

As part of this project, Richard Hart is hosting “African Lunch” this Saturday afternoon. Also hosted by PES, and featuring a DJ set by Xander Ferreira of The Happy Show (formerly of the band Gazelle), the event is an opportunity to participate, meet, eat, and party. Bring your friends, family, friends of friends… anyone interested in being part of this project.

Richard is also photographing participants who are interested in having their portraits, stories, and objects documented. The collected objects will be exhibited en mass as a totem of communal longing, its power and poignancy amplified by its magnitude and collective meaning, at his solo exhibition at PES in June. The exhibition closing in August will be marked by an event at Project for Empty Space where donors will be invited to claim any item other than the one they donated. This way, the work’s power will be disseminated back into the community in a symbolic act of exchange.

Project for Empty Space is situated in the Gateway Center which is connected to Newark Penn station by a pedestrian walkway. Only a 20-minute ride on the PATH train from World Trade Center or from New York Penn Station. 

About the Artist
Richard Hart creates work that takes as its departure point ideas of African ritual, magic, and spirituality. Through painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography he spins a vision of Africa that blurs the lines between fact and fiction, memory, and intuition. In 2013 the artist moved from Durban, South Africa to New York where he currently lives and works.

Project For Empty Space Gallery
[at] Gateway Project Spaces
2 Gateway Center | Newark, New Jersey