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Social Media for Networking, Marketing, and Activism: Best Practices

Social Media for Networking, Marketing, and Activism: Best Practices with Robin Cembalest

Date: Wednesday, May 17th. 6:30-8:30pm | Talk starts promptly at 7pm

Location: Project for Empty Space, 2 Gateway Center, Newark, New Jersey.

Project for Empty Space is thrilled to present a talk by editorial strategist Robin Cembalest on Social Media for Networking, Marketing, and Activism: Best Practices. How are artists using social media to get their message out? What are best tactics for expanding network and promoting exhibitions and causes? Robin Cembalest offers strategies for getting the most out of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Robin Cembalest:

Described by artnet as “one of the leading lights of art-world social media,” Robin Cembalest is a journalist and editorial strategist. The former longtime executive editor of ARTnews, she has published widely in The Wall Street Journal, W magazine, and many other publications, and maintains popular feeds on Instagram and Twitter. In her consulting business, Robin Cembalest Editorial Strategies, she works with art-world clients to design and implement editorial and digital content. She also founded and directs The Niboristas, a mentoring and networking group for young art-world professionals.

About Project for Empty Space:

Project For Empty Space is a not-for-profit organization that creates socially engaging, multidisciplinary art exhibitions and programming that encourage social dialogue, education, and systemic change for cultural tolerance. This mission is achieved through a permanent project/gallery space, an incubator program for artists addressing social change, and through collaborative and interactive programs in vacant and neglected spaces in cities around the world.

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