PULSE MIAMI BEACH and returning curators JASMINE WAHI and REBECCA PAULINE JAMPOL, co-founders and directors of PROJECT FOR EMPTY SPACE, have recently announced this year's theme for PLAY:“A VIOLENCE” AT MIAMI BEACH 2018

There are multiple ways to interpret and contextualize the idea of violence beyond its physical definition; PULSE PLAY 2018's Open Call asks artists to submit work that is oriented around a specific example of what this means to them. Contexts may include: an internalized violence, a trauma, a political violence, a societal violence, a systemic violence, an intimate violence, and more. 

Submissions for PULSE PLAY 2018 are now open and being accepted through Submittable. All submissions must include one video or new media piece running no longer than 10 minutes. Submissions should also include the artist’s bio and/or CV, an artwork statement, a supporting still of the submitted work, and the $50 application fee.

All entries are due by Tuesday, September 4th and final selections will be announced in mid-September.

Submission Requirements: 

  • Short Artist Bio (250 words) 
  • Short Video Description (250 words) 
  • Video link or direct upload to Submittable 
  • Film still (300 dpi) 
  • Videos may not exceed 10 mins 
  • Submission Fee: $50

This fee goes to maintain the continuance of PULSE PLAY, which is not a commercial endeavor. 

Please note, currently PULSE PLAY is not able to accommodate video installations. Selected videos will be presented on a single channel projection at Project For Empty Space and during PULSE Miami 2018, during Art Basel Miami.