Rosary Solimanto will focus on several projects during her residency; she is currently developing a public work titled 700 White Coats which will address the physicians and nurses killed in Syria while aiding sick and wounded. She will also be working on a wearable interactive sculpture series titled Cybernetic Hand Palsy which can be worn by the public to promote empathy for people suffering from hand palsy. Additionally, Solimanto will begin working on a performance titled The Physician, a piece based on memoirs of her first appointment with a neurologist when she was initially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Solimanto is best known for her interdisciplinary activist based work which explores the objectification she faces from being disabled with multiple sclerosis. Born in New York, Solimanto has received her BFA in English Literature and Fine Arts, from SUNY Albany in 2013, and received her MFA in 2015 from the SUNY New Paltz. She currently lives and works in Jersey City area.