This summer at PES is about sharing stories. For the next few months, the PES gallery will be transformed into a space for collaboration and sharing personal narratives. It will be a creative hub for a series of books and zines created by our Artists in Residence and members of the Feminist Incubator program.

Artists in Residence Kambui Olujimi, Amy Khoshbin, and Victoria-Idongesit Udondian will each be creating one of a kind works coinciding with their exhibitions taking place in Fall 2019. Learn more about the PES Artist in Residence Program here.

The Feminist Incubator is expanding its programming to collaborate with artists and arts organizations releasing printed matter centered around themes of motherhood, womxn’s narratives, and abortion rights. Projects include the ArtistMother Studio’s Maternal Journal, a publication that compiles submissions from folks engaged in both caregiving and art as a way to elevate their voices;  Aimee Gilmore’s lullaby project, an ongoing work around motherhood paying homage to the often unacknowledged labor of labor, and the complexity of new motherhood; FemPower Narratives, a toolkit providing womxn resources to cultivate and share their stories; and Reproductive Radio, a podcast collecting oral histories from women that have had abortions, spanning from before Roe v. Wade to present.

Learn more about the PES Feminist Incubator here.